Ron Howard is an American actor, director and producer, who grew up in an artistic family who honed his talent from a young age. He embarked on his acting career, transforming from a promising actor in front of the lens and becoming one of the most important filmmakers in the world.

He has dozens of successful films and many awards, most notably the Oscars. His name is associated with many commercially known and successful films, including “The Da Vinci Code”, “Apollo 13”, and “A Beautiful Mind”, for which he won the Academy Award.
The beginnings of Ron Howard

Ronald William Howard, known as Bron Howard, was born in Duncan, Oklahoma, USA, 1 – March 1954, and his mother is actress Jan Spiegel Howard, and his father is a writer, actor and director Rance Howard, who in turn comes from an artistic family, and he has a single brother who is Clint Howard turned to acting.

In which his parents raised a passion for acting and cinema, so Ron’s career began in the movie “frontier women” and he was only 18 months old, after which he joined the crew of the play “the seven year itch” at the age of two, then he won the age of five a role in the movie “The Trip” which he authorized Getting a role in the first part of the comedy “Dennis the menace”, and in the same period he got a role in “playhouse 90”.

His most prominent work at the time was in the andy griffinth show, where he played the son of the main character, then he was included in the movie “Man of Music” in 1962 and several other works in which he appeared in secondary roles,

He received training in desilu studios (today known as culver studios) and studied at john burroughs high school in Burbank, after which he enrolled in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, but he was unable to finish his studies there due to his preoccupation with acting and his inability to adhere to university lecture times.
Ron Howard’s achievements

Ron proved his abilities as an actor from an early age through the works in which he appeared and showed previous talent in his generation, with roles in his childhood as “Ronnie Griffiths” in the famous program “Andy Griffiths”.

He was chosen in 1973 to play a major role in George Luca’s comedy drama entitled “American Graffiti”, and in the following year he played the main role in the comedy show “Happy Days” from his first season until the seventh, and he also starred in the western American drama movie “the shootist” Besides John Wayne. He learned in the midst of his acting career that his true desire was to become a director, which led him to give up his role in “Happy Days” to focus on directing.

His debut in the directing field was through the 1977 low budget comedy thriller “grand theft auto”, and his fame as a director started with the screening of his “night shift” play in 1982.

In 1984 he directed “Splash”, a comedy blockbuster. In 1986, with his friend and partner in most of his works, he created the American producer, Brian Graiser, a TV and movie production company called “imagine entertainment” that produced dozens of series and films.

After his overnight fame he worked on several films that formed milestones in his career as a filmmaker, where he directed the comedy drama “Cocoon” in 1985, followed by the family movie “parenthood” starring Steve Martin in 1998, and the crime and mystery movie “Backdraft”. In 1991, he directed “Far and Away” in 1992, and “The Paper” in 1994.

He then directed the documentary drama film “Apollo 13” that depicts the third American landing mission on the moon, and what has befallen it. Also included were the cast of actors Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon and others. The film was nominated after its 1995 screening for nine Oscars including the best movie, and its revenues exceeded 335 million dollars worldwide,

He decided to direct the comedy film “How the Grinch stole Christmas” in 2000 instead of D-Tox, who was interested in directing it, to start work on it after the drama “A Beautiful Mind” documenting the life of mathematician John Nash, and the troubles that accompanied Ron. Showing them in an interesting and mysterious manner, the film achieved great commercial success and positive feedbacks, and also won four Oscars including Best Director directed by Ron.

His work was repeated with actor Russell Crowe who starred in “A Beautiful Mind” in 2001, where he starred in the role of Ron’s dramatic autobiography, documenting the life of heavyweight boxer James Braddock and shown in 2005.

In 2006, he directed the thriller “Mystery and Ambiguity,” based on a novel by Dan Brown, with the same name, “The Da Vinci Code”, starring Tom Hanks. Then he directed the movie “Angels and Demons” in 2009 related to the previous movie, which is based on a novel with the same title of the same writer, and starred Tom Hanks as well, and his profits and success exceeded the previous work.

In 2008 he directed the historical drama “Frost / Nixon”, and the dark comedy “The Dilemma” in 2011, followed in 2013 by the sports drama autobiography “Rush” for Formula One contestants.

In 2015 he directed and produced the drama and adventure movie “In the Heart of the Sea”, after which he directed another work by Dan Brown, “inferno” in 2016, starring Tom Hanks as the previous two parts (Da Vinci Code, angels and demons) and carries the same title as the novel quoted from it, and also made profits. Great in theaters. Then, in the same year, he directed a film documenting the musical tours of the most famous Beatles lyric band in history, with the work receiving positive feedbacks and huge profits.

He directed the film “Solo: A Star Wars Story” in 2018, which shows the early stages of the character “Han Solo”, one of the characters in the famous movie series “Star Wars”, after it was abandoned by directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. He directed and produced the following year a documentary about the late Italian opera singer, Pavarotti.

Howard is working on directing a James Hill Vans writing “hillbilly elegy” and has been giving directing lessons for 2017 since 2017.

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