The director of a company that specializes in paying with credit cards in Seattle, Washington, USA, decided in 2015 to create a minimum salary of $ 120,000 for his company’s employees, and decided to reduce his salary by $ 1 million. After 5 years, he still earns his lowest salary and says his decision has paid off.

The manager, named Dan Price, was strolling with his girlfriend Valerie in the Cascade Mountains overlooking the city of Seattle when he got to know an annoying truth.

While they were walking in the mountains and valleys, Valerie told Dan that her life was a big mess, and that the owner of the property from which she was renting her apartment raised her monthly rent by $ 200, and that she finds great difficulties in paying her debts.

This statement angered Price, Valerie, who was his partner in the past, had served in the US military for 11 years, spent two terms in Iraq, and now works 50 hours a week on two jobs in order to be able to meet life’s requirements.

“She is a person who defines service, honor and hard work,” said Price.
Although she was earning $ 40,000 a month, that amount was not enough to provide decent housing in Seattle. Price expressed his anger that the world has become so lacking in justice and equality. However, after scrutinizing and thinking, I realize that it is part of the problem.

Price had become a millionaire at the age of 31. The company he runs, whose name is Graffiti Elements, a company he was founded as a teenager, had about two thousand customers and was worth millions of dollars. And although he was earning about $ 1.1 million a year, Valerie understood him that many of his employees were suffering – so he tried to change that.
Price, who was brought up in a region of Idaho characterized by Christian religiosity and social conservatism, is characterized by optimism and an open outlook on the future, and he does not sting praise for others with high literature and ethics. But he has become a stubborn jihad against inequality in the United States.

“A lot of people lose their jobs, a lot of people suffer from hunger, and they take advantage of all of that for some of them to enjoy a luxurious apartment at the top of a big building in New York and sit on gilded chairs. We glorify greed in our society, and the Forbes list is the worst example of this.” Jeff Bezos has gone beyond his wealth, Bill Gates. Who cares?

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